The development of our kittens

From the day of birth until the kittens are litter trained which is mostly until 6th or 7th week, our babies are raised in a special children’s room. The queens resp. mothers are able to leave that room whenever they want to. As well our other cats can visit the kittens, since this room is open, but equipped with a half way up door protection. The little ones are not able to get out. Like that the contact between our cats remains. The little ones get to know the others very early and vice versa, so that life within the cat society works without any problems until the kittens are allowed to move all over the place.
Once the kittens are litter trained they can move free with all the others and can sleep –as you can see- with our dogs in their nests too. As well they can go outside. They have learnt how to climb up and down the climbing trees, so that the climbing trees that reach right up to the ceiling which are in the other parts of the house are no danger for them. From that moment on they get to know your dogs too, who are very friendly to cats.

Our vet looks after all our animals. When we have kittens she comes into our house to examine them so that we do not need to go there before their 1st vaccination. We are very happy to have found a vet who finds it very important that our kittens are well and on good health. That means, that the kittens are looked at by her here in their well known environment, without any stress and without danger to get maybe infected at the surgery by infectious bacteria.

Of course our kittens are allowed to go outside into the secured garden, what they really enjoy. We made the experience that the little ones toughen up outdoors in nature and that even wind and colder days do not harm them in the slightest. They develop a very stable immune system and are not sensible when it’s a bit humid or cold.

Even though the kittens have been outdoors and got to know „mother nature“, there won’t be any problems later, should they not have the possibility to go outdoors. A secured balcony or a secured open window is being happily accepted as alternative and the cats do not miss the outdoor runs. This we hear over and over again from new „parents“

The kittens move into their new homes with 16 weeks of age. At that age they cope very well being separated from their mother and litter mates. As well their immune system is stable for the move into the new home. Like that the little ones get the best condition for a healthy start and life at their new “parents”.

As of 4th resp. until 8th week of age the kittens are fed with Royal Canin and Whiskas Kittenfood.  We have our best experience with that food. Our cat litter is called “Tigerino Canada” (available in pet shops) and is very economic, does not smell and is not dusty.